National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Logo

Ann Arundel Chapter, NSDAR

Crownsville, Maryland

Our Patriots

Our chapter members are descendants of men and women who risked their lives and fortunes during the American Revolutionary War. They served in various capacities promoting the cause of American independence during the war. We are proud of these brave patriots.

Adams, Samuel, Connecticut, CPL

Anderson, Garland, Virginia, PS

Baldwin, James, Maryland, PS

Barnett, Philip, Pennsylvania, SOL

Barnhart, Conrad, Pennsylvania, PVT

Beaman, Moses, Pennsylvania, PVT

Bean, Daniel, New Hampshire, PVT

Beard, Elizabeth, Virginia, PS

Beatty, Henry, Maryland-Virginia, PVT

Bell, George, Pennsylvania, CAPT

Berry, John William, Virginia, PVT

Blanchard, Ozias, Massachusetts, LT

Bonham, Zedekiah, New Jersey, PVT

Brewer, Jonathan, Vermont, CPL

Brown, Adam, Pennsylvania, PVT

Brown, John, Sr., Massachusetts, PS

Brown, Peter, Maryland, PS

Bunnell, Benjamin, Pennsylvania, PVT, PS

Bunnell, Solomon, Pennsylvania, PS

Burr, John, Connecticut, LT

Burr, Reuben, Connecticut, PS

Butler, Charles, North Carolina, PVT

Cabell, Nicholas, Virginia, COL

Chapman, Uriah, Connecticut, CS

Church, Richard, Massachusetts, CS

Cooper, John, New Hampshire, CS

Craig, Jacob, Pennsylvania, PVT, PS

Crandall, Gideon, Rhode Island, PVT

Cregar, Adam, Maryland, ENS

Crump, Benjamin, Virginia, SGT

Cryder, Michael, Pennsylvania PVT

Cunningham, Hugh, Pennsylvania, PVT, PS

Curtiss, Joshua, Connecticut, PS

Curtiss, Simeon, Connecticut, PS

Cushman, Isaiah, Sr., Massachusetts, CS, PS

Davis, Steven, PS, Virginia

Davis, William, Kentucky, PVT

DeForest, Abraham, New Jersey, ENS

Deibert, Michael, Pennsylvania, PS

Dicken, Joseph, Virginia, PVT

Dodge, Josiah, New Hampshire, PS

Dorsey, Nicholas, Maryland, PS

Drew, Job, Massachusetts, SGT

Durham, John, Delaware, PS

Duryea, John, New York, PVT, PS

Eichelberger, George, Pennsylvania QM, PS

Elliot, Jonathan, Jr., Massachusetts, PVT

Elliot, Jonathan, Sr., Massachusetts, PVT

Emery, William Jr., New Hampshire, CS, PS

Emmons, James, Virginia, PVT

Farr, Salmon, Vermont, CPL

Fiester, Godfrey, Pennsylvania, PVT

Foster, Silas, Massachusetts, SGT

Francisco, Michael, New York, PVT

Galphin, George, South Carolina, CS, PS

Gansel, Adam, Pennsylvania, PVT, PS

Gerry, Elbridge, Massachusetts, PS

Gideon, Peter, Maryland, PVT

Gillikin, Thomas, Jr, North Carolina, CS

Gotwals, Adam, Pennsylvania, PS

Griffin, William, North Carolina, PVT

Guseman, Abraham, Virginia, SOL

Hall, Edward, New Hampshire, CS

Hall, Isaac, Connecticut, CAPT

Hall, James, New Hampshire, PVT

Hallmark, George, Virginia, PS

Hamman, Phillip, Virginia, PVT

Hammer, Henry, Virginia, PVT

Hardy, Benjamin, North Carolina, PS

Hardy, Nicholas, New Hampshire, CS

Harvey, David, Massachusetts, NONCOM

Haynes, Henry, Pennsylvania, PS

Helffrich, Johann Pennsylvania, PS

Hemingway, Ebenezer Jr., Massachusetts, LT

Henry, William, Massachusetts CAPT

Hill, Tobias, Massachusetts, PVT

Hillman, Samuel, New Jersey, PVT

Hough, Jacob, Pennsylvania, PVT

Humphries, Joseph, Georgia, PS

Hunter, John, Virginia, CAPT, CS, PS

Hurdle, Robert, Maryland, ENS, PS

Hutchinson, Massachusetts, SOL

Jaggers, John, New Jersey, PVT

Jeffress, Thomas, Virginia, SOL

Johnston, Thomas, Georgia, SOL

Jones, Peter, Pennsylvania, LT

Kent, Absalom, Pennsylvania, SOL

Kilgore, Benjamin, South Carolina, COL, PS

Kirby, James, South Carolina, PVT

Koen, John, North Carolina, SGT, PS

Koiner, Michael, Pennsylvania, PS

Lacey, Philemon, North Carolina, PS

Land, John, South Carolina, CAPT

Layton/Leighton, John, Virginia, ENS, PS

Lee, Zebulon, Pennsylvania/Connecticut, PVT

Leister, David, Pennsylvania, PVT

Lewis, Josiah, North Carolina, PS

Link, John Adam, Sr., Maryland, PS

Livers, Arnold, Maryland, PS

Low, John, New Jersey, PVT

Lynch, Peter, Virginia, PVT

Mann, George Adam, Pennsylvania, PVT

McElroy, Samuel, Virginia, PS

McGehee, Samuel, Virginia, LT

Meadows, Frank, Virginia, PVT, PS

Melendy, Ebenezer, Massachusetts, CPL

Miller, Henry Sr., Virginia, SOL

Miller, Jonathan, Connecticut, PS

Mizell, Edward, North Carolina, PVT

Mock, Peter, Pennsylvania, SOL, PS

Montgomery, Hugh, New Hampshire, PVT

Moore, John, New Hampshire, MAJ

Morse, James, Massachusetts, CS

Myrrick, James, Massachusetts, CAPT

Nadeau, Francois Etienne, CD, PS

Nixdorf, John, Pennsylvania, PVT

Orendorff, Johan, Virginia, PS

Owens, James, Maryland, PVT

Paige, Asa Whitcomb, Vermont, CPL

Parker, John, North Carolina, PVT

Parsons, Joseph, North Carolina, CAPT

Patterson, William, Pennsylvania, PVT

Peabody, Jacob, Massachusetts, PVT

Peary, Stephen, Massachusetts, PVT

Pierce, William, Connecticut, CPL

Poindexter, Joseph, Virginia, CAPT

Power, Wm, Jr., Pennsylvania, CAPT

Ridgaway, James, Maryland, SOL

Rogers, Wm, New Jersey, PS

Ross, George, South Carolina, PVT

Russell, James, Virginia, LT

Russell, Robert, Virginia, PS

Ryder, Kimbal, Massachusetts

Scott, Joseph, Pennsylvania, PVT

Scruggs, Drury, Virginia, PS

Secor, Isaac, New York, PVT

Sharp, James, North Carolina, PVT

Sharp, Thomas, Maryland, PS

Sheffield, West, Georgia, SOL

Shipley, John, Maryland, LT, PS

Shipman, James, North Carolina, CAPT

Shriner, Michael, Pennsylvania, PVT

Sibley, Elijah, Massachusetts, PVT

Sinclair, Arthur, Pennsylvania, MAJGEN

Smith, James Haddock, Maryland, PS

Spencer, Oliver, New Jersey, COL, PS

Stevens, Ephraim, Massachusetts, SGT

Story, Elisha, Massachusetts, SURGEON

Stotts, Solomon, Virginia, ENS

Sublett, Benjamin, Virginia, CPL

Swan, Joseph, Jr., Connecticut, CPL

Tanner, David, Delaware, PVT

Teal, Edward, Maryland, CAPT

Temple, Samuel, Virginia, PVT

Templin, James, Pennsylvania, PVT

Thomas, Elias, Vermont, PVT, PS

Tolman, Benjamin, Pennsylvania, PVT

Topper, Andrew, Pennsylvania, CAPT

Town, William, Massachusetts, CS

Van Brocklin, Stephen, New Jersey, PVT

Vincent, John, Pennsylvania, PVT

Wagner, Jacob, Pennsylvania, PVT

Warden, Elisha, Virginia, SOL

Webster, Stephen, Connecticut, CS

Weed, Charles, Massachusetts, LT

Weekley, Thomas, Maryland, PVT

Weikert, George, Pennsylvania, PVT/PS

Wetherbee, David, New Jersey, CAPT

White, Samuel, Maryland, PVT

Whitley, William, Virginia, PVT

Wiley, Matthew, Pennsylvania, LT

Willard, Elias, Maryland, LT

Williams, Thomas, Maryland, LTC/PS

Wolcott, John, Pennsylvania, PS

Wolf, Jacob, Pennsylvania, PVT

Worrell, James, Pennsylvania, PVT

Wright, Thomas, Maryland, PS

Wysong, Lewis, Pennsylvania, PVT

Yingst, Henry, Pennsylvania, PVT/PS

Zinn, George, Maryland, PS

Ichabod Beardsley

Ruben Burr

Michael Cryder

William Emery

Michael Francisco

James Hall

George Hallmark

James Johnson

John Koen

Robert & Abigail Mitchell

Hutch Montgomery

William Patterson

West Scheffield

William & Catherine Town

Elias Thomas


CAPT: Captain

COL: Colonel

CPL: Corporal

CS: Civil Service

ENS: Ensign

LT: Lieutenant

MAJ: Major

MAJGEN: Major General

NONCOMM: Non-Commissioned Officer

PS: Patriotic Service

PVT: Private

QM: Quartermaster

SGT: Sergeant

SOL: Soldier